Wildfires in the United States of America: Authorities warn of tornadoes

The situation could worsen in Ontario and Oregon: Bushfires are far from contained, and weather is playing against the efforts of firefighters.

continuous heavy Forest fires In the western United States and Canada, firefighters have reached the limit of their strength. Although they had to fight multiple fires themselves, California authorities on Saturday promised reinforcements for the approximately 2,100 firefighters currently in the neighboring state’s south. Oregon Used against the so-called illegal fire. In the Canadian eastern province of Ontario, firefighters were hoping to get reinforcements from Mexico.

The illegal fire is currently the largest fire in the USA. On Saturday, an area larger than Berlin caught fire. Only seven percent of them have been contained, the authorities’ Inciweb website reported. because of the heat, drought She added on the site that the wind expanded the fire significantly. So at least 20 homes were destroyed.

Fire clouds pose a great danger

Authorities have warned that several “fire clouds” currently extending for miles into the air could lead to lightning strikes and “fire tornadoes”. “We had record heat, and we had the worst possible conditions simultaneously,” US Forest Service spokeswoman Susan Florey told The Oregonian.

at California On the other hand, meteorological authorities have warned of several dry thunderstorms and dangerous lightning strikes. While evacuating several areas, the Department of Homeland Security assured all undocumented immigrants in the area not to be afraid to seek help. There are no controls in the areas where emergency and disaster assistance is provided.

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In Canada, authorities are expecting extreme temperatures from Alberta to Ontario in the coming days. Bad air quality warnings were issued in four provinces. According to scientists, current heat waves are unimaginable without climate change.

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