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What is Pepe Grillo Pluigi Di Maio doing? D’Amato scratches

To see and hear Luigi Di Maio in the TV living room of Bianca Berlinger strutting as Secretary of State and one of the pioneers of the Five Star Movement at the G7 just held in Cornwall, frankly one did not know whether he was crying or laughing, pitying him or being scandalized on his part. “I don’t think — he said at one point, particularly defending himself from the pressing questions of Lucia Annunziata, with the backing of the presenter — that Grillo’s visit to the Chinese ambassador in Rome, which lasted three hours, upset the fate of the G7 .. close to the international summit.

At that point, the minister pretended not to realize that the disagreements, the doubts, the doubts and anything else created by that visit, from which the head of the 5-star movement, Giuseppe fortunately escaped at the last moment. Conte, was already outdated due to the additional initiative taken by Grillo. who, not as an ordinary citizen or comedian in active permanent service, but as a “guarantor” of the movement, which Conte admitted was “irreplaceable”, decided to host and post on his blog Article – Commodity By Andrea Gauque, Professor of Anthropology and Philosophy in Milan, where the G7, as well as the subsequent NATO summit, was filtered out as an “old ideological parade” led by the new president of the United States against Russia and especially China. Who would be wrong to defend his “unilateral world supremacy”, re-brand, re-launch, etc., where allies are practically treated as vassals.

How can this vision of things and men – which Grillo is supposed to share before, during and after his long meeting at the Chinese Embassy in Rome – be reconciled with that of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, certainly not an opposing participant in both the G7 and NATO summits, that Di Maio did not want and was able to on the illustration. Nor can Draghi’s participation and the consensual judgments he expressed in international forums be reconciled with his position and his role as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Which he also claimed to be in the G7 organization, although he didn’t have to participate in it.

Also exclude any “embarrassment” of the reserve expressly expressed by the Prime Minister to “check” the application and anything else from the trade agreement with China signed in 2019 by Di Maio himself as Minister of Economic Development in Conte’s first government, the Foreign Minister, without realizing the situation The paradoxical he was putting himself in, said, identified, emphasized, etc., that he fully agreed with the former prime minister and the new head of the 5-star movement. But what exactly Conte thinks of the things Draghi said during and after the two international summits is not yet known exactly. We only know that while he continues to be part of the majority, and bent on “loyal support” for the new government, he has spoken out against most of the decisions it has taken, which are clearly very conditioned on the center-right elements.

In short, chaos is there, and it remains. In fact, it increases every time someone tries to clarify it or just reduce it.

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