Lupine, the second official novel in the Netflix series right now

After success in the library Arsenius Lupine – The gentleman of the thiefAnd the Slane warehouses He publishes the second novel in the epic that changed Asani’s life lupine su Netflix, In the same special edition as the TV series, with the original text by Maurice Leblanc, in the full version and with a new translation.

The first season of the TV series lupine It debuted as the most-watched of all time on Netflix and the much-anticipated sequel arrived on June 11. What happens in the first part?

Lupine sees Asani Diop as the hero who plays the role of A Modern Arsenius Lupine seeks revenge.
On the model of the famous Count Christo by Alexandre Dumas, in fact, in this TV version, Lupine wants to shed light on an event that took place twenty-five years ago. His father, the chauffeur of a wealthy Parisian businessman, Pellegrini, is wrongfully accused of stealing a priceless necklace, belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette.
Unable to bear the shame of such an event, Asani’s father hanged himself and From that moment on, the boy’s life changed forever.
The remains of a book about his father, The Adventures of Lupine by Le Blanc, and precisely that will direct him to put his revenge into action. But we come to the second part of five more episodes, after the exciting abyss that closed the first part, Voltage level risesAnd the Moreover, the challenges are really more severe, if to steal a precious necklace from the Louvre to avenge the father seems really an incredible task, what awaits Asani Diop now is truly heartbreaking, because his son and his safety are involved.

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the book
Lupine the second novel, Drama in the castle of the Count de Gesfer: A stranger seen during the night inside the property, surprised by a shot from a rifle. Soon, the granddaughter of the nobles is missing. Arsenio Lupine hit again? Isidore Beautrelet, a brilliant student and aspiring detective, decides to share his information with the police and set out on the trail of the smartest outlaw of all time. Clues lead the investigation to the mystery of the empty tower, an ancient secret that hides priceless treasures that only the kings of France seem to know…

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