Which experienced race without children in rural areas takes time for unsafe Malinois prostitutes? –

Photo: animal shelter

Tierheim Riem · »Amy the unplanned dog was born from Malinois on February 25, 2017. She came to our shelter with her children because the previous owner could no longer take care of them.

Amy knows very little in her life yet, and she may have been trained as a clerk of protective work. Amy might have always been in the company of other dogs, and she was never alone. She shows herself as confident in people, attached to people, and likable towards her caregivers. She is suspicious of strangers, and with the support of others she responds aggressively. Her strange impressions and unknown situations make her insecure. It compensates for this uncertainty with aggression.

Amy is so tense, she barely responds and just wants to run to reduce the stress. It also shows leash aggression against dogs. In direct contact with strangers, she would blindly attack at first, but the dogs she knows are fine with Amy.

Your new owners, without children, should definitely enjoy dog ​​experience (the ideal being a dog breeding experience) being driven, employed and utilized constantly. Active Amy will also be suitable for dog sports. Your new home should be in a rural area and have a garden. «(Description of the shelter)

If you are interested in Amy, please call Kennel 1 at Tel: 089/92100026.

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