WhatsApp on both phones soon!

Internet Desk: It would be great if there was an opportunity to use a WhatsApp account on two mobile devices… Have you ever thought about this? Often people think so. This may not be possible at the moment, but tech experts say it may be easier in the coming days. This is because WhatsApp will soon be making changes to accommodate this. WhatsApp recently announced the feature of “Multi-Device Support” that allows the use of a WhatsApp account on different devices. Testing is underway in this regard. This feature will be available soon. Once this option appears, the option to use WhatsApp on both phones will also come.

WhatsApp hopes to add more flair to the ‘Multiple Device Support’ feature, which is now available in beta test form. In this order, you make changes to use the same WhatsApp account on both phones. Technicians share some details on social media. According to them, more than one WhatsApp account can be used on mobile phones at the same time. An image that looks like a recent download of mobile messages on tech websites. Tech experts say this is one of several hardware options. However, it will soon be known what the process is and the maximum number of mobile phones that can be used.

Within the multi-device support system, an account can now be used on one mobile phone in addition to four other devices (such as a tab or a computer). You do not need to be connected to the main mobile internet (login) for this. Users are very interested in this feature. However, I was very disappointed with the lack of mobile devices on the other devices. But now it is interesting to add the mobile phone to that list. Information that beta testing will start soon.

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