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It continues to attract many users. Although it is blocked in some countries, with it you can send all kinds of documents, as well as photos, videos, GIFs, animated stickers and other types of details that are very important at a time when instantaneousness is real.

in this time It develops its new function called multi-device, the same function that allows you to use the application on your computer or laptop without having to install your main cell phone with the application.

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Likewise, everyone is also expected to be able to use the tool that tends to choose whether your contact can view a photo or video once and then delete it automatically.

Now there are other amazing details, like emojis. There are more than 500 emojis in the messaging app, but one of them has been used by many people without really knowing what it means : This is the symbol of hands together.

What does the emoji of hands together mean in WhatsApp?

If your friend or family member uses it to say they are praying for you, they may be wrong, because the emoji hands together in It tends to express something else.

In order to know exactly what it is, we must refer to the encyclopedia of all emojis: it is about .

Find out the true meaning of hands together on WhatsApp and when to use them.  (Photo: mag)
Find out the true meaning of hands together on WhatsApp and when to use them. (Photo: mag)

According to the source, this code is called folded hands It is in English and is used to indicate a greeting, especially a Japanese one or one from an Asian country. Many confused the judgment, but it was ignored.

folded hands Approved as part of In 2010 as “Person with Joint Hands” and was added to in 2015.

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Now, if you need to make a general query, you can fill out the form with this .

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