Went and scored for Great Britain 4 x 100m mixed styles, USA with Dressel V

Great Britain on Saturday won the mixed relay race 4 x 100 meters at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, a new test of the Olympic programme, and also broke the world record, in a test in which the United States, with Caleb Dressel, finished only fifth.

So Dressel will not be able to meet the challenge of taking the six Olympic gold medals in Tokyo 2020. He has three, after winning Saturday in the 100m butterfly, and on Sunday he will be aiming for two more (50m freestyle and men’s 4x100m) .

In the 4x100m mixed modes, China was silver (3:38.86) behind Britain and Australia bronze (3:38.95).

The 4x100m multi-mode relay event is a novelty in Tokyo 2020. Each team can make up their own four-group as they wish, provided there are two swimmers and two swimmers, and the traditional arrangement of the styles (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and crawling) is respected.

Both Great Britain and Australia chose to start and finish the event with the women, while the Americans decided on the opposite tactic.

Therefore, men and women face each other head-on in some of the relays, which creates a challenging jaw-dropping race, with a huge different comeback and also amazing.

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