Wanderlust Recipes: Typical USA: Today there are burgers – in Chicago!

Of course there are burgers everywhere. But not all burgers are created equal. About plugins that make the difference. And what makes Chicago so special.

If you can’t travel the world, we’ll take it home. In our new series “Hungry for the World” we want to feed your love of travel. Every week a great travel moment, recipe, soundtrack – to a great evening. Or a slightly different break in the home office. But try it for yourself …


This is what we’ll do when we get back: In Chicago, the first thing we eat! The mirrored artwork allows for entirely new perspectives. Then across the park toward Michigan Ave. This is where Chicago’s architectural icons are located. For a cocktail in the Hancock Building – when the skyscrapers start to glow.

the recipe

Crispy Bacon Blue Cheeseburger. Ingredients: 800 gm coarse ground beef, 1 tablespoon bbq-scrub, 8 slices of smoked bacon, corn oil for brushing, 120 gm of blue cheese, pepper from the grinder. Also: 4 sheets of radikyo, 1 tomato, 4 burger rolls, 2 tablespoons of soft butter, 4 tablespoons of onion mayonnaise, 4 tablespoons of classic barbecue sauce, 50 grams of potato sticks (on the chip rack).

There’s also the little American around the corner. But it tastes very different in location, in Chicago, for example.

Photo: adobe.stock

This is how it is done

Preheat the grill with the lid closed for direct and indirect grills to 220 to 240 ° C. Preheat the grill plate directly to heat. Knead the minced meat well with a roast scrub and divide into four portions. Cut the bacon slices into 3cm pieces and add a light oil to the burger juice. Put a few pieces of bacon in the burger press and put 30 grams of cheese in the center. Spread the pieces of meat on top and press flat. Create a hollow in the middle of each pie with your thumb! This will make them cook more evenly. pepper. Grill the patties on the grill plate over a live heat with the lid closed for 3 minutes on the side of the bacon and 1 minute on the side of the meat. Then apply it to the edge for 3 to 4 minutes and finish cooking on indirect heat. Wash and shake the radiator to dry. Wash tomatoes, cut into slices. Cut the rolls in half and brush with butter. Roast for one minute on the cut surfaces in direct heat until golden brown. Cover the bottom with a piece of fried onion, mayonnaise, radiku, and a slice of tomato. On top of each are patty, barbecue sauce and potato sticks. Feet with the cap.

By the way: the classic roast is also rubbed with pork and poultry. Ingredients 700g: 320g coarse sea salt, 120g brown cane sugar, 30g paprika powder, 30g smoked paprika powder, 50g ground black pepper, 16g garlic powder, 16g granulated onion powder , 16g celery salt, 8g cayenne pepper. Pour all ingredients into a storage container, close tightly and shake for 30 seconds until everything is well mixed. To get 500 grams of meat, you need 2 to 3 teaspoons of rub.


Sweet House Chicago! The classic is available in a variety of variations – but mainly with the Blues Brothers …

the recipe Comes from the book: Michael Koch: Grill. ZS Verlag, 320 pages, 39.99 euros

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