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The city rejects fitness seats in public places

Bonams / Harheim. There will likely be no fitness seat from Mainz startup Movements, as required by CDU on the 10 local advisory board (Birkirchheim, Bonamis, Eckenheim, Frankfurter Berg, Breungsheim) for Bonhams. At least, the city of Frankfurt advised against setting up such a bank in public places.

The fitness bench was developed by sports scientist Moritz Fuhrmann. In Frankfurt, the first patented fitness benches were created at Sportkreis Frankfurt in Fechenheim. It combines two purposes. On the one hand, people can sit back and relax. On the other hand, simple aerobic exercises that you can do with the bench are also explained on the armrest. Push-ups for the upper body, elbow supports for the torso or “thigh rockers” for the legs, i.e. bending and extending your legs in a seated position. Such a bank costs about 3,500 euros. In principle, the judge welcomed the proposal to motivate more people to exercise. The problem with these fitness benches is that they encourage vandalism. “Using a fitness bench in public places the risk of high maintenance costs. In particular, the sign board installed along the entire length of the backrest is subject to damage or contamination from graffiti.” For this reason it should only be set up in an “environment used for sports anyway”. This criticism also relates to the initiative of the SPD-parliamentary group in the 14th local advisory council (Harheim). She also suggested investing €3,500 from the local council budget to buy one of these fitness benches. mst

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