VTuber Pitches Atlus For Persona 3 Stream And Gets Twitter Trending

Streamer created a popular hashtag on Twitter to try and broadcast one of their favorite games.

Virtual YouTube Streamer (VTube) Calliope MowryMost likely famous for its live streaming sessions, she took to her channel earlier today with a simple request, to Stream Atlus. Shane Megami TEN: Persona 3.

The entire broadcast, for an hour and a half in total, was her avatar repeating her quest for Atlus over and over again, literally begging them to let her play Person 3 On air.

Japanese gaming companies are sometimes stricter when it comes to live broadcasting. Of course, there are multiple exceptions, but living in Japan, as Morrie does, finds protections such as fair use inapplicable, and copyright claims are likely.

Another hurdle is Morrie’s current job, as she is a member of HoloLive, VTube’s talent agency owned by Cover Corp. Mori is basically a fictional character in the same vein as other VTube characters or Virtual Artists, like the experimental rock band Gorillas. Like every HoloLive member, Mori must obtain permission from game companies to broadcast titles online.

For Japanese VTubers users, this isn’t a problem, as both Sega and Atlus have given permission for their content. Morey, however, is one of the few iconic images that flow into English, which means permission must be granted to broadcast English versions of Atlus products.

Since her video was posted on YouTube, the hashtag has been circulating on social media # Calliope 3, Which is now trending massively online, has gone so far in the entertainment section of Twitter in many countries, from the US to Australia.

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Whether or not Atlus will Stellen and grant Morrie permission to stream is anyone’s guess at this time, but it’s likely their YouTube channel will provide an update in some form in the near future.

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