Venezuela / USA. – The United States of America endorsed its support for Guaido for negotiations with Maduro and for the elections

Madrid, 25 years old (Europe Press)

US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Venezuelan dissident Julio Borges held a meeting in Washington on Thursday in which the United States affirmed its support for the opposition to hold “free and fair” elections in Venezuela. A look at those scheduled for next November, as well as delving into the “urgent need for comprehensive negotiations” with Nicolás Maduro’s government.

In a statement issued by the aforementioned ministry, the meeting was informed in which the United States reiterated that it would “continue to coordinate with international partners and with Venezuelans to support efforts to meet the humanitarian needs of the Venezuelan people.”

For his part, Borges posted a message on his Twitter account in which he thanked Sherman and the government of the President of the United States for “certifying their support for democracy in Venezuela.” “We talked about concrete steps to restore democracy, as well as the legitimacy of human rights in Venezuela,” he added.

As a result of the meeting, US Acting Under Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Julie Chung, said the United States is “proud to partner with the Venezuelan people and with the government led by interim President Juan Guaido to support the return to democracy in Venezuela.”

“We will continue to work together for a negotiated solution that leads to free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections,” Chung stressed.

In recent weeks, the opposition leader had proposed a “road map” that would end with “free” presidential and parliamentary elections, the main catalyst of which would be a dialogue process with international supervision.

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Maduro, although initially asserting that Guaido is seeking dialogue because he is “isolated and defeated”, initially ruling out any possible negotiations, later said he is “ready” to meet the opposition and do so with the support of the European Union, Norway and the Contact Group, something that is being worked on.

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