Use “big and vaccinated” thanks to Trump

With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic last spring, the United States of America has re-discovered itself among the countries most affected in terms of infection numbers. At the top since last year regarding Total deaths With the economy entering a recession due to restrictions and reduced consumption, the credibility of US political leadership has failed. A scenario, in fact, Donald Trump himself invested, most likely Put it up Last November, the possibility of his re-election to the White House, at the same time tarnishing his presidency with “failure” in the fight against the epidemic.

But with the arrival of Joe Biden to the presidency, he came immediately. “turn around. In fact, the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced the completion of its vaccine, and the largest vaccination campaign in history was able to take place in the country. Tomorrow’s battle will see the first 100 million doses succeed, while at the same time it appears that the US economy is finally able to embark on the road to recovery.

But if the United States, at dawn on March 20, 2021, proved its ability to launch a massive vaccination campaign and revive its economy, it would be difficult to provide every merit To the current Biden administration, in office for only three months. It is still hard to believe that the advantage of reversing the trend is due to democratic doctrines, as the thesis itself is doubtful that there has been a real change in goals and visions in the American world. Because after all, as expected, if the US under Biden proves its ability to relaunch, it is because it is relying on itself. establish On an economic and organizational system with solid foundations. Thus, these foundations must have been provided by previous presidencies: first and foremost, the foundations of the outgoing Trump.

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Yes, if Biden manages to get the states out of the pandemic, he will have to To thank Especially Trump and the way in which he was able to deal with the most dramatic phase in modern American history. Despite the criticism we received a year ago, despite the hatred of part of the people, which eventually turned into a bold electoral defeat.

In the end, in fact, Trump has managed the epidemic much better than how he “sold” it to the media. He’s been able to keep the US economy alive as much as possible while the pharmaceutical companies (thanks Direct financing From the U.S.A.) They were looking for a vaccine, and they were able to supply a countryLogistic device Necessary to run a vaccination campaign. That way, in 2021, Biden found himself with a robust economic system capable of restarting, with capillary distribution logistics and with vaccines produced in record time.

We cannot yet know if Biden will demonstrate his ability to manage the “exit from the epidemic” better than expected; However, it is certain that if this does happen, credit will also be given to the person who did not manage the “primary” stage in the worst possible way. In fact, he consistently shows that he knows how to put himself first in even the most difficult moments, without losing sight of the main and peremptory goal: To save The American People and the Greatness of the United States of America. Because after all, if Americans are in 2021 “old and vaccinated,” the feature could be, in large part, from Tycoon.

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