USA: Nick Mocuta started with $500 and is now a millionaire – Foreign News

Crazy success story from the USA!

Nick Mukota (37) used to live on the street, and today the immigrant owns 100 apartments. About the Self-made Millionaire Reports”Daily Star“.

It all started with $500 that the 21-year-old got from his grandmother. This should make his dream come true: a successful life in the United States.

Thus Mukuta immigrated from Romania to the United States, although he hardly spoke English. The trainee economist explains: “The taxi I took from the airport to the city cost me about $100, so I only had $400 in my pocket. That was a culture shock, one I never forgot.”

To save money, the newcomer slept for weeks on park benches in his new home in Los Angeles. Nick Mukota ate cheap burgers and even left cheese on demand so he didn’t have to pay less.

He got temporary jobs, was able to afford his first apartment and built his business side by side: thanks to phones and cell phone cases imported from China, Mocuta quickly earned up to $4,000 a month.

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The shrewd businessman also obtained a license as a real estate agent. Today the former tramp owns 100 apartments in the United States and Romania. Nick Mocuta also bought several homes where his family lived.

The immigrant built his empire with the help of several online stores, whose sales allegedly reach $40 million annually.

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The secret to his success: “I am very persistent and never give up. If I fail seven times, I get up for the eighth time.”

On Instagram, Mocuta shows how far he has come. He travels the world, sips champagne, parks in front of a helicopter and a luxury yacht. By doing so, he affirms his clear motto in life: “Work hard, play hard.” In German, for example: Work hard, but take it easy.

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