USA, Jim Bridenstein resigned as NASA President

(Teleborsa) – As announced the day after Joe Biden won the November election, Jim Bridenstein He has He left the position of NASA Administrator. He saluted and thanked everyone in a video he posted on social media during the inauguration of the new President of the United States.

Bridenstine, was appointed chief of the US Space Agency in September 2017 before Donald Trump, He announced the decision to leave the stimulus on choice with the need for NASA to be a leader in Greater harmony with the new administration.

Bridenstein said what NASA is working on and it should build its future on is “Eliminate divisions And obtain bipartisan and non-political support “in order to work better with private and international partners. The focus will therefore not be on changes from one administration to another, but over decades and generations.”

Before becoming president of NASA, Bridenstein was elected to the House of Republicans after A. A career in the Navy and Air Force A short trip for the private sector.

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