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Like every last Wednesday of the month, on the twenty-fifth of the month, the Ninth Ordinary Monthly Meeting of the Federation of Mexican Charría (FMCH), which was held on this occasion at the facilities of Rancho Santa Maria, in Tlagomolco de Zuniga, Jalisco, was held on the grounds of the Millionaire Championship.

As is usual in this administration, due to the pandemic, the meeting took place in person with a few board members and another large group via Zoom, where it is live on Facebook, and the modalities of course simplify communication and bring relationships closer in the United States, so that these do not continue Monthly meetings of more than 60 minutes.

It is good that the national president, José Antonio Salcedo López, has this new technology at his disposal, which gives him the possibility to save time, has a large audience and includes most of his board of directors from all over the Charo region. Although, to tell the truth, this tool is a double-edged sword, because on the one hand it provides many conveniences, but on the other hand, things can be taken lightly without a positive result.

As for sports, very important notices were given, such as the deadline for holding the state championship, which is September 27; It has also been confirmed that the Churros Mayors National Championship will take place from October 20-24; On the other hand, it was announced that Colima will hold the state championship only, due to the health condition that it is exposed to, in addition to the hurricanes that come to complicate the dates of its sporting events.

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The participation of Adolfo Mora, the national coordinator of Charros for the United States, was an important participation during the national meeting, through the Zoom track, who confirmed that the national championship will take place from 2 to 6 September on the canvas of Charo Espuelas de Plata. , in Texas, a five-day program that includes intense sports and social activities, since contemplation of the coronation of National Queen Paula Pimenta, a ceremony that will take place on September 3.

On several occasions I have indicated in this space that the Sharia that is practiced in the American Federation has many restrictions, but they have been overcome, both in the number and methods of teams from each of its categories and especially in the children’s teams, as well as in their level and athletic performance, since it is one of the It is well known that each of their presentations has a different organization than the one we are accustomed to, making every event a true Mexican, sports and social party.

by Ramon Gonzalez Barbet

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