USA – Biden condemns the “despicable” and “unimaginable” attacks against Jews in the United States.

Madrid, 29 years old (Europe Press)

On Friday, US President Joe Biden condemned the “despicable, unimaginably anti-American” “anti-Semitic” attacks on American Jews, and called on them to stop them.

“We saw a stone being thrown through the window of a Jewish-owned company in Manhattan, a swastika carved into the door of a synagogue in Salt Lake City, families being threatened outside a restaurant in Los Angeles, museums in Florida and Alaska, dedicated to celebrating Jewish life and culture, and reminiscent of the Holocaust, which had been vandalized. With anti-Jewish messages, “the president expressed regret in a statement.

In this context, he stressed that these “citizens will not be allowed to be subjected to intimidation or assault on their identity or because of the religion they practice,” facts that he criticized, which have “terrorized” the country’s Jews in recent weeks.

He continued: “We cannot allow the toxic mixture of hate, dangerous lies and conspiracy theories to expose our citizens to danger,” noting that the Ministry of Justice will use all the tools available to it “to combat hate crimes.”

In recent days, he asserted that “no society is immune” from hatred, and that is why he called for “unity” in order to “silence these terrible and terrifying echoes of the worst chapters in world history.” We pledge to “not give hate a safe haven.”

The US President indicated that May is the month of Jewish heritage in the United States, where “American Jews who have woven their experiences and achievements inseparably into the fabric of our national identity, overcame the pains of history and helped lead the battle. For a more just, just and tolerant society.” .

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He declared, “Let us do this work and create a nation that defends and defends the dignity and security of all our people.”

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