United State. Trump administration votes against the UN budget

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Donald Trump Challenging again United Nations Organization (United Nations) before leaving the presidency United State January 20. His government voted against his budget, claiming Differences about Israel e IranHowever, it found very little international support.

Alone Israel Voice with United State, Opposite 167 countries supported, So General Assembly The year closed with Approval of the budget from HIM-HER-IT For 2021 by $ 3231 million.

Kelly CraftAnd the The United States ambassador to the United NationsObjected that the budget would fund celebration B. 20th Anniversary of the Durban Conference on RacismCelebrate it at South Africa In 2001, it ended up withdrawing in solidarity with North America Israel Because of what they described as a confirmation of Muslim-majority countries against A Jewish state.

United State, The largest funder of HIM-HER-IT“This vote has been requested to make it clear that we are defending our principles, and that is true, and we do not accept unanimity on consensus,” Kraft said at the General Assembly.

“Twenty years later, there is nothing left of Durban Declaration To celebrate or support. It is tainted with anti-Semitism and prejudice against Israel. “

he is The Israeli ambassador ante la HIM-HER-ITAnd the Gilad ErdanFor his part, he criticized that Durban Conference “It will become another meeting that demonizes the Jewish state, and will again be used to discredit us and spread false accusations Racism Against the right of Jewish self-determination. ”

The General Assembly Separately, a resolution was passed supporting the follow-up efforts Durban.

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On the other hand, craft She also complained about the lack of agency support the US received in September, when it mentioned this sanctions HIM-HER-IT against Iran They came into effect.

United State “You don’t need a cheering squad to validate your moral compass,” Kraft said.

“We do not find reassurance on the basis of the number of countries that vote with us, especially since most of them found themselves in an uncomfortable position to cover up terrorism, chaos and conflict,” he added.

Kraft confirmed, however, that the vote United State It will not change your contribution on HIM-HER-IT, Which includes 25 percent of Peacekeeping expenses.


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