Uncertainties in the World Radiocommunication Conference: Ypres, Monte Carlo and Finland

Major changes began at the WRC. At the moment, the Monte Carlo Rally is on track, while the replacement of the Great Britain Rally with the Ipres Rally has already been decided, along with the Artic Lapland Rally – not to be confused with the Artic Rally at the weekend of February 25-28, to replace Sweden Rally. All this is still subject to official confirmation.

Yesterday we already said that The Monaco automobile club wants to continue testing against all odds And without an audience. The Hautes Alpes and Alpes-Maritimes authorities seem to be at work, and French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced yesterday that the restrictions will be maintained and will not be eased until the daily number of injured people drops from around 15,000 currently to below 5,000. Restrictions on covered sport will continue, That was to be raised on January 20, beyond that date, at least until the end of the month.

At the moment, the famous Enduro of Le Touquet, on the French Atlantic shores of this city, scheduled for the same dates of Monte Carlo, has been canceled, after the speech of the French Prime Minister.

While, Great Britain pool It looks like it will give up its stature to Ypres. Wales cannot secure its funding and although Northern Ireland has a great interest in hosting the event – which will become Asphalt – it does not appear that all of its funding measures can be agreed in time for 2021. This would give entry to the Ypres Rally Test, which He was already on the verge of entering the 2020 calendar as a substitute, but he would retain the August date set for the Rally of Great Britain, i.e. August 19-22.

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Meanwhile, from Finland there is consensus to regulate Laponia Artic Rally In Rovaniemi the last week of February, from 25 to 28. The winter test that the FIA ​​will want will be; It appears that being inside the polar circle will be assured. This will be the second major rally of the year in Rovaniemi, with the traditional Artic Rally taking place next week, with great participation as always. In fact, the WRC event will be organized directly by the same staff as Rally Finland and final approval is pending to finish finding funding and ability to choose the route; Some of the tracks of the Arctic Rally are military and there is no time to obtain permits. All these issues must be resolved next week.

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