Ubisoft officially postpones the launch of Rainbow Six Extraction until January 2022

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Esports news: Through its official Twitter account on Friday (16/7) Ubisoft announced that it is postponing the launch of Rainbow Six Extraction until January 2022. Previously, this game was scheduled to launch on September 16, 2021, exactly two months later.

“We are embracing the opportunity to take additional time to realize this vision in a viable manner in January 2022,” Ubisoft said. “We believe this will ensure that Rainbow Six Extraction delivers the authentic, collaborative and exciting experience we wanted to create, and the one you want to play.”

In Extraction, Rainbow Six Siege operators will battle a group of mysterious parasites known as Archaeans in a PvE game mode. Characters will use their signature skills, such as the sledge hammer or the Ailibi hologram, to infiltrate the location and achieve goals.

Upon Dot Esports launch, Archaeans will become more powerful as players delve deeper into the facility, with certain types giving them different powers, unlike Special Infected from Left 4 Dead.

The game also has its own unique features, such as the Missing In Action system, which helps give the game a special flavor. A batch of REACT Stasis foam will automatically spread across the operator’s clothing to prevent them from getting re-injured, although every time they fall they will be absorbed by the Archaean Three. In order to extract the fallen operators, players have to install rescue missions.

Unfortunately, Extraction isn’t the only one experiencing a release delay, as Ubisoft has also postponed the launch of its latest sports game, Riders Republic, from September 2 to October 28.

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