Twitter, Bitcoin Move Is Worth More Than Just A Tip

The tips feature has extended all over the world to support the content creators. Cryptocurrency is also accepted. But the social network is looking to another network: a decentralized Internet

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“Develop decentralized internet directly So Twitter And to provide content creators with the ability to do so convert followers into fans and fans into money, Allowing them to continue to shape the culture by having meaningful conversations with their audience.” With this opinion, I made it clear Esther Crawford Product manager for creator monetization, Twitter extended the feature on Thursday Tips For users around the world while implementing the ability to reward favorite accounts using Bitcoin It also aims at a world Token is not replaceable.

Occupation “mance” It was launched in May in a limited edition under the name tip jar. In fact, many users with a certain following list them in their bio and in their tweets Link to PayPal or Venmo payment profiles To request financial support from followers. Now the San Francisco company has decided to facilitate this activity beyond the “Like” or “Retweet” functions and Without deducting the percentages on the transaction.

Tipping job related payment services will be Cash App, Patreon, Venmo, Bandcamp, Chipper, Razorpay, Waltshimple Cash. In the user profile there will be a special space where you can enter your payment account link hosted on these apps, which can also be used to promote donations to social causes or support any person or project. On the other side of the screen you will see the follower banknote symbol next to the Continue button. By clicking on the screen, a screen will appear with different payment options that the creator has already activated. Coming, in addition to those already listed, there are also GoFundMe, online fundraising platform e PickpayIt is a Brazilian mobile payment platform.

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The feature is initially only available on iOS, and the feature will be rolling out to Android users over the next few weeks, but that’s not all because the tips will enable Even bitcoin payments using the Strike API, The platform is currently only available to users in the United States and El Salvador. Strike based on lightning network, A parallel blockchain superstructure that allows for faster and cheaper transactions. Alternatively, users can copy or paste their own or others’ linked addresses any bitcoin wallet, To receive or send cryptocurrency payments.

Crawford confirmed during the show that These jobs will be gradually published in Dozens of countries Even outside the US, to ensure everyone gets paid. Then he added that the platform is exploring a method NFT authentication and proof of ownership, It has already been used by some users as a profile token, allowing them to associate it with a crypto wallet and they are becoming increasingly known as creators of digital content. This series of initiatives aligns with the direction he is pointing in Jack Dorsey, but a few months ago He sold his first tweet as Nft and has She bought bitcoin through her Square fintech platform. Among other initiatives, in fact, Twitter supports the project the sky is blue, with the goal of creating a new standard for a decentralized social network, which the California company itself must eventually use.

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