Turkey punctures the balloon of expectations against Switzerland and tracks the fall (3-1)

became Turkey The first big disappointment in this European Cup. The team coached by Shinol Güneş has been eliminated without adding a single point out of the possible nine points against Italy, Wales and Switzerland. Although he entered the tournament in second place in the group and did not fall in either of the two matches he played against France (in one he won). The Turks did not participate in these three matches and are the first team to leave the competition. They went all out from the start against Switzerland, knowing it would be their last chance to save themselves from getting burned this summer, but the Swiss’s initial setback in the form of a goal in six minutes (by Haris Seferovic), toppled the Turkish side down at the first exchange rate. Double Xherdan Shaqiri He ended up refereeing the match despite Kan Kahoji’s goal and ended their hopes of winning.

Shaqiri celebrates one of his goals. (EFE)

The truth is that the Turks came out with the right direction and the right pace. He wanted the ball and looked for the Swiss’s suspicions about their defensive system. They created opportunities and did not change them thanks to them Sumer exceptional Switzerland takes notes. First Embolo warned and then Seferovic confirmed the biggest Turkish fears: This device drops when it encounters the slightest problem. Turkey wanted to respond with a pair of brilliant counterattacks and Sumer appeared again. The wall faces the barbarian. Shaqiri, an expert at being one of the highlights with his team, went out to score his first goal in the afternoon. Immediately after that, the sentence was forgiven.

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not important, Dilapidated and mined Turkey will collapse Between the Swiss strikes and the display under his guard’s staves. Switzerland had the match where they wanted and just continued to exploit the visitors’ weakness with everything in their faces. The end of the first part is reached as it began: the same text, the same conclusion. Sumer saves himself and no one on the Ottoman front without being able to reduce the distances.

Xherdan Shaqiri, one of the characters of the encounter. (Reuters)

In the second half, blows exchanged. Zuber Willmaze and Embolo. None of them hit the mark, and Turkey tightened its offensive campaign. Kahveci was the most successful with a real goal that helped keep his team alive. Mirage assigned Shakiri to erase it after six minutes by doubling it. The score could have been even bigger if Xhaka’s stick crept into the back of the net, but she stayed in the final 3-1. And now Switzerland, which is third with four points, has to wait To Wednesday to see if she is among the shortlisted and who will be able to continue competing.

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