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For trade unions, pension reform is sustainable

AGI – Overcoming Fornero’s Law, a “fatal mistake”, with real reform, not “bits and pieces” that do not work as quotas 100 have shown. CGIL, CISL and UIL Press the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, who has shown willingness to open the discussion table: it should We are moving fast because pensions are “not a luxury, but a fair recognition after a working life.” Secretaries-General Maurizio Landini, Luigi Spara and Pierpaolo Bombardieri are promoting an initiative to clarify the trade union platform and ensure that it is completely sustainable: they demand flexibility upon departure, at age 62 or with 41 years of contributions. And again: guaranteeing youth pensions, giving attention to hard work, recognizing care and maternity work for women, promoting supplementary pensions, and extending the fourteenth. Factory sustainability is linked to business reform that Landini argues is no longer risky. But the sustainability to be targeted, as Bombardieri points out, must not be merely economic: there is more important social sustainability. “Pensions must be reformed and many restrictions and inequalities that still exist in the legislative framework must be overcome,” as trade unions stress, “those related to gender inequality, for example” because “women are the biggest victims of tightening pension requirements. In the last years “. Spara, “Good table with Orlando, but do it soon.” The union appreciates the opening of the Minister of Labor to want to activate the discussion table on pensions but requests “to speed up because pensions are not a luxury but a fair recognition of people afterwards. A strong and intense work life,” Spara asserts during his speech . And he warns: “Thinking that with the 100 quota exhausted, we can return to the Monti-Fornero model, with a leap in the record that for many will be 5 years, means disharmony with the reality of the country, with the lives of the people.” It is therefore necessary to avoid repeating situations such as Exit, which he says are “no longer acceptable”. He notes that pensions “must become a lever for hope and this is the sensitivity that we would like to face in the confrontation with the government. Today – he continues – defining 41 years of contributions as a“ privilege ”is a provocation. For us, the fines imposed by them are unacceptable. The retirement pension as stipulated in recent bills that would claim to make the same generation a third wage is a pejorative measure by possibly recalculating the pension entirely on the basis of contributions also for the period prior to 1996. For this reason, we believe it is possible to consider flexibility. To receive pensions from the age of 62. ” Landini, “It cannot be a contribution-only system.” For Andini, a social security system cannot be contributory only, but “must have solidarity systems in it,” and he remembers that a pure contribution system “does not exist in the world except in Chile. ” The CGIL leader criticizes the proposal to fully recalculate the pension with a contribution system if you leave at 62, as that would mean a drastic reduction in the allowance. It is not the time, he insists, to make small repairs and the hundredths prove it. Then he notes that “the condition for maintaining the system is stable work with rights and the application of national work contracts. The Fornero law must be amended – as he explains – because otherwise the average retirement age is gradually increasing and the young person risks retirement upon reaching his attainment.” 70 “He also notes that,” Establishing the same rules for everyone when jobs are not the same and life expectancy varies depending on the job the individual does, that is unfair. ” It means not recognizing the value of the work and loading those who do it twice. Harder, harder. ”According to Andini,“ Resources are there, ”and savings quota 100 account too. Bombardieri,“ Now look at social sustainability ”The union is ready to have a discussion with the government about pension reform by looking at the economic sustainability of the system, says Pierpaolo Bombardieri. He wants to focus on social sustainability. The Fornero law – explains the leader of Uil – aims only at economic sustainability without looking at job diversity: a big mistake. ”Then, he adds, the confusion between social security and welfare expenditures remains, even in documents sent to Brussels and the co-operation organization. Economic and Development: “A Big Mistake.” “In this period, we have seen incredible levels of profits from multinational corporations distributed to shareholders: Can we consider an additional tax in favor of those who have suffered?” – Is it a reflection – “It is sustainable that after 41 years of work a person cannot retire? How many young people will be able to obtain 41 years of continuous contributions? How sustainable is the increase in inequality from an economic and health point of view?” In the face of an increase Poverty in Italy. ”That is why, according to Bombardieri, social sustainability is an issue that must be addressed alongside the issue of economic sustainability, because“ no one cares about the social sustainability of low-paid retirees. ”- But we must understand how to build a sustainable system through Take the money into place. “

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