Thousands evacuated due to floods in Australia – Noticieros Televisa

nail The floods have evacuated 4,000 people Because high rain Registered in Eastern Australia, Local authorities report this Saturday.

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Karlin York, State Emergency Service Commission New South Wales, iHe stated at a press conference that the authorities hope he will be The number of evacuees An increase in the coming days due to the expected heavy rains.

So They set up seven points to house those who were displaced by the storm.

Thousands have been evacuated due to floods in eastern Australia. Photo EFE

Waragamba Dam, on the outskirts of Sydney, is the main concern due to the danger of flooding, which is why authorities have ordered some flood gates to be opened.

Regional Governor Gladys Prejiklian, He indicated to the media that the situation is “critical” in some areas and surely The floods may continue until Thursday or Friday of next week.

“Queremos evitar las evacuaciones nocturnas, es mucho mejor que procedan a la luz del día, por eso le pido a todo el mundo que esté en alerta y escuche los consejos de las autoridades”, remarcó la política, al pedir a la población a house.

The Local media photos show the rivers in full flow Several homes in rural areas are under water.

Thousands have been evacuated due to floods in eastern Australia. Photo EFE

The The Meteorological Service warned during the day of heavy rain, Accompanied by winds of up to 90 kilometers per hour, which led to a small hurricane that swept through some streets in a neighborhood in western Sydney.

With information from EFE

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