This is the perfect vision for Windows 11 on mobile

On Reddit, a fan imagined what a mobile interface for Windows 11 could look like using the main features of Android. The result is very believable and elegant…and a fiery Windows Phone nostalgia.

What would Windows 11 look like if it landed on mobile?  One fan tried to imagine it

What would Windows 11 look like if it landed on mobile? One fan tried to imagine it // Source: Microsoft

can be new launcher Designed by Microsoft, or the unlikely resurrection of Windows Phone It is based on Android, but it is not. On Reddit, a fan simply shared several demos he did on Photoshop himself. they present Reliable mobile interface for Windows 11 By following the basics of Android, but by enforcing the visual identity of Microsoft’s new operating system and the legacy of the late Windows Phone.

This walkthrough of the virtual Windows 11 Mobile is a real treat for the eyes, but it also turns out to be cleverly thought out. There would only be a few animations missing to believe this and dreaming of a functional version of this awesome interface.

Seven visualizations to dream about Windows 11 on your smartphone for just one moment

In all, JerrybooX shared seven shows On his Reddit. We explore in the outlines of this imaginary user interface, panel by panel. First, the lock screen shows an overview of the notifications received, as well as the calendar or the song being played (marking the first Rickroll). Then comes the screen dedicated to entering a PIN, then the main menu that mixes widgets, apps and folders, like what iOS 14 offers, but with the new visual identity of Windows and new Microsoft icons.

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Source: JerrybooX via Reddit

The quick settings pane is a nice hybrid of those in Android and Windows 11, with access to the usual settings. The same dynamic for the notification pane that this time looks a lot like iOS, with the different elements well separated from each other and displayed as horizontal tiles. The Settings menu is very inspired by the left pane of the Windows 11 settings panel, with a profile picture, followed below by a search bar and a series of tabs similar to certain icons of the new Microsoft operating system. The pane for open apps finally displays four boxes, with what we imagine as a drop-down list showing other apps that haven’t been closed.

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