Third-party cookies: Google is giving up personal data collection … Why? | google to drop personalized ad tracking

A window will pop up once we accept cookies as soon as we enter the site. Once you accept it, they will collect what you see on that specific website. Put it this way, the site will recommend you if you see anything else. There is another type of cookie. These are called third-party tracking cookies, which will follow you to every website you visit and collect everything you see. With them, Google decides which ads to show you. Google has said that it will soon stop using these types of cookies.

Previously, in recent years, Apple Safari and Firefox search engines abandoned this method. This is due to the awareness of the users. Google just made that decision. Google’s main asset is users’ personal information. So this would be a tough decision for Google. Google said it would stop, but did not say when.

Many argue that Google will likely develop a similar system once it stops collecting user information in this way. However, Google stated that it will not create another way to personally track users and receive information.

Also, Google sites will show ads for sure. But Google said it would devise a way for advertisers to make a profit and not infringe on users’ privacy. But just because we block third-party cookies like this, that doesn’t mean that no one sees our information. It remains to be seen how Google handles this.

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