They entered a shop and even stole pictures from the security camera: “They have children.”

It happened in the early hours of Friday morning at the Rondeau 100. The alarm sounded when criminals entered the company responsible for selling construction items.

They entered the building, smashing the glass and then Because of the destruction they took 25,000 pesos and a cell phone. Before leaving, they also searched the memory of the security camera so as not to leave clues.

The building has had three robberies in the past months. Even signs of previous thefts are still there. What is remarkable is that less than 100 meters from the shop is where Joaquin Pérez was murdered and there is a permanent custody.

Monica is in charge of the business and I spoke to her 12 to 14. The woman asserted that the criminals knew the trade movements for her. “They have children,” he noted, referring to the indefatigable acts of insecurity they have suffered.

He also said that they suspected the criminals were the same criminals that happened on another occasion: “They broke up in the same place that happened in November.”

Worst of all, in addition to the theft, is the money it costs to repair the damage they cause every time they break in.

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