The Washington soccer team names Kyle Allen the midfielder at the start of the match in Week 5 against Rams

The Washington soccer team announced on Wednesday that it will start midfielder Kyle Allen against Los Angeles Rams at FedEx Field in Week 5, making his previous first-round pick Dwayne Haskins Jr. after leading the team to the start of the 2020 1-3 season.

In Haskins’ first four starts this season, he scored less than 60 percent completion per game, with the exception of the team’s fourth week loss to the Baltimore Ravens. A sophomore QB has 939 yards in four games, four touchdowns and three interceptions. He was fired 13 times by opposing defenses and scored two lost fouls. In four matches, Haskins ranked last in the league in quarterly aggregate at 30.6, 27 in achievement percentage (61.0) and 26 per yard per pass attempt (6.43).

to me Focus on professional footballHaskins is third in the league among midfielders at the start with a percentage of accurate assists this season by 50.4%. Mitchell Tropesky, who was on the bench when Chicago was playing the Atlanta Falcons in Week 3, and Carson Wentz are the only two players who were regulars in the league worse than the previous Buckeye.

Although his attack rate was just under 20 points per game for the first four weeks, head coach Ron Rivera said he would remain with Haskins in the middle. Specifically after a particularly poor performance against the Cleveland Browns in Week 3 where Haskins threw three interceptions and scored a stumble, Rivera expressed support for Haskins.

“I just finished talking to Dwayne and said, ‘I’m behind you. “I’ll stay with you, so you go out and play football,” Rivera said after the loss.

Rivera compared Haskins’ training to that of a young Cam Newton in Carolina. Despite some modest displays in his rookie campaign, including one match in which Newton threw four interceptions against the Detroit Lions, Rivera stood by him.

“The fact of the matter is, how will he learn?” Rivera said. “Will he learn to take team scout shots? No. The only way we’ll find out where Dwayne is and what he can do for us is to bring him back to the football field. That’s how he grows.”

Growth time appears to have an expiration date. Despite having had the best start to the season against the Ravens as he completed 32 of 45 passes at 314 yards, Haskins’ time is now over in Washington.

At a press conference with the media on Wednesday, Rivera explained the reason behind his decision, including the scheduling, complications surrounding the pandemic, and the NFC East status. His goal was to finish the first four matches of the season with a score of 2–2. In three of the next four matches against division rivals, Rivera has said he wants a back-midfield player with more experience. Entering the fifth week of the season, Washington is second, ahead of 1-3 the Dallas Cowboys due to beating the Philadelphia Eagles in the first week.

Rivera said, “This is not an indictment against Dwayne so much as an indictment regarding the utility of four pre-season games for working through things.” “Because of that, he was late in developing this system.”

Rivera said Haskins has the “NFL arm” but does not have enough experience to direct Washington during the crucial next four weeks. He added that Haskins was disappointed upon receiving the news.

“He didn’t have enough work yet,” Rivera said. “That’s the thing I hope everyone understands. But he only played one year in college. He played limited last year … We gave him a chance to start four matches and really evaluate it. But with the split where he is now, I’d be stupid if I didn’t try it and see what happens. In the next four matches. “

For his part, Allen started his NFL career in 2018 with Carolina Panthers. He only started one game in the junior season, but started 12 games in 2019. During that season, he scored 303 completions on 489 attempts at 3322 yards, 17 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Allen traded with Washington on March 23 for the selection of the 2020 fifth round.

Allen expressed his happiness at the start of the media talk on Wednesday.

“I’m glad we’re still in the knockout race,” Allen said. “I think this division is interesting this year. It was a fairly slow start for me I think everyone. So, for us in the middle of the division at the moment with a chance to win on Sunday and give us a chance to get back on top, that’s a great opportunity.”

As someone who has served as a backup throughout his short career, Allen said he’s always ready to call his number.

“I wouldn’t say I’m not surprised,” Allen said. “I wouldn’t say I’m surprised. I think that’s the name of the game in the NFL, especially for someone like me who came into the league without drafting, Series Four to start, and got limited actors early in the camp. I’m always here to support whoever’s out there.” But if it’s my chance, I’m going. I’ll be ready for it. “

Because of his experience, Allen said he could relate to Haskins’ position.

“It’s a tough situation,” Allen said. “There are a lot of adversity. I feel what it feels. I felt this last year, I felt this in college, I felt this in high school. So we are here for each other in the QB room.”

In addition to Allen, Washington also has a reserve midfielder Alex Smith on their list, who will be QB’s # 2 player moving forward. Smith was allowed to play after suffering a horrific and serious leg injury last November.

Rivera said, “He understands it and I want to put the ball in the hand of someone who was in it.” “This is my thinking process through it, just to see what will happen. Again, we have three capable players. We now have two people that have lined up in the first and second rows and this is how we’re going to work.”

Regardless of who plays in the middle, Rivera emphasized that the final goal remains the same: to win football matches.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Rivera said. “This is the thing that everyone should understand: we are who we are … some people may not agree with me, but that’s fine. For me personally and for this soccer team, I am taking my shots. I’ll see what happens in the next four. I’m here to win.” Now is an opportunity to see if we can. “

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