The Violet Ladies bring expert Morgan Bollins to Göttingen

German Football League Women’s Basketball Team Veilchen Ladies have gained team experience: Morgan Bollins is a very athletic postal player with a lot of experience coming to Göttingen. The 28-year-old was already active several times in Germany, playing as a starter for USC Freiburg in the 2015/16 season and was very successful with an average of 13.2 points and 6.7 rebounds.


With stations in Finland, Australia, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Greece, it was most recently in operation with TSV Wasserburg in the second half of the previous season. Because of the injury, she scored an average of 10.4 points in five games. With her athletic ability, jumping ability and anticipation, the 1.85-meter athlete makes up for the centimeters lost under baskets. “Morgan fits very well with our game philosophy,” explains coach Goran Lugo. “She’s very fast for a great player.”

The schedule is now published. The Veilchen Ladies will open the season with an away match in Heidelberg on September 25. The first home game will follow on Friday October 1 at 7pm against GISA LIONS SV Halle. Since two warm-up matches will be played against Halle and Halle is also tied as a cup contender, there are a total of four matches against this opponent in four weeks. Also intriguing: the six farthest trips are their first six away matches after Heidelberg, Freiburg, Sarlois, Killtern, Wasserberg and Nordlingen. After that, we hope to have those long flights behind us before the onset of winter,” says Managing Director Richard Crowder.

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