The US economy is much stronger than it was a year ago

Biden: “The US economy is much stronger than it was a year ago” (Friday, December 3, 2021) ‘for us Economie And Definitely more strong from U.S general Do’. Joe President of the United States said BidenNoting that the unemployment rate fell by two points…Read on tgcom24.mediaset


Mediaset : Biden: The US economy is definitely stronger than it was a year ago #USA – greenpassnews : ‘They are destroying the dollar…the economy…submitted by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and of course the system…- paoloigna1 : Keep the economy ‘open’ even with the arrival of #omicron. This is Biden’s plan for the United States. Gavini Giovanni :JoeBiden: Within 10 months, we’ve moved on from economics. Closed to an epidemic, to an economy. Who is driving the car… – Inside : In October, the inflation rate in the United States was +6.2%. A fact that worries President Biden because she may… –

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