The United Kingdom records the most important new year in its history | Science and Ecology | DW

The United Kingdom recorded Saturday (01.01.2022) the warmest New Year’s Day, according to the British Meteorological Service (the Met Office).

In St James’s Park, a park in the heart of London, a score of 16.3 was recorded, according to the Met Office detailing it on Twitter.

The previous record was in 1916, when a temperature of 15.6 degrees was recorded in Cornwall.

“This temperature record for the new year 2022 is due to the influx of hot subtropical air from the Azores,” the meteorological service said.

But he warned that this would not continue due to the arrival of “cold winds coming from the North Pole in the week, which will cause night frosts and snow in certain places between now and Tuesday.”

The UK already recorded its highest temperatures on December 31 on Friday, with 15.8 degrees in the day in Somerset (southwest of England) and up to 16.5 degrees at night in Bala, a city in North Wales.

The previous record for December 31 dates back to 2011, when a temperature of 14.8 degrees was measured in Colwyn Bay, a coastal town in Wales.

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