The UK is removing quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers from the US and EU


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The British government said in a statement that from August 2, travelers vaccinated with US and EU approved vaccines will no longer have to self-quarantine upon arrival on British soil.

This will cover the UK’s nine largest markets by visitor volume before the pandemic.

The opening of England will likely be followed by the opening of the rest of the regions that make up the United Kingdom.

However, travelers must still be tested for COVID-19 at the source and soon after arriving in England, British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps wrote in a post on the social network Twitter.

Strengthening the tourism sector

This measure will help airlines and travel companies to increase their business volumes after 16 months of restrictions, which have led to serious financial difficulties for many of them.

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On July 19, quarantine for fully vaccinated Britons returning to the UK from medium-risk countries was lifted, helping to start a travel recovery, but ongoing rule changes over the past two months remain uncertain about travel in practice.

In addition, the US remains closed to British visitors, so in the case of transatlantic airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, the planes will primarily carry US citizens to England.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on LBC Radio on Wednesday that he wants American citizens to travel “freely” to England, noting that he is discussing the possibility of creating a tourist corridor with the United States, which would mean resuming traffic with the United States. this country.


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