The UK retailer has canceled all pre-orders for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, blaming Nintendo’s “sad short” customization •

A UK retailer has canceled all pre-orders for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and blamed Nintendo for the “too short” customization.

Yesterday,, popular with gamers for its cheap rates compared to the likes of Amazon and GAME, sent an email to customers who had pre-ordered the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive to notify them of the cancellation.

Email, which I initially reported ResetEra Geobros user And verified by Eurogamer, it has some chosen words for Nintendo:

“We have just been notified of our assignment to Super Mario 3D All-stars (Nintendo Switch) and it is unfortunately short. This is very frustrating, and it is very unfortunate to inform you that we will not be able to meet your needs. [sic] Application on the day of release.

Moreover, such as Nintendo and its distributors in the United Kingdom [sic] Unable to give us any reassurance that more stock will be available after its release, we have taken the unfortunate decision to cancel all orders. “

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While canceled all pre-orders and apparently withdrew the game from its website a week before the release, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is still available for pre-order on Amazon and GAME. However, it was marked as Sold on ShopTo.

An affected customer who pre-ordered Super Mario 3D All-Stars at £ 44.85 from told Eurogamer that they now had to pre-order from Amazon at £ 49.99: “Base is my pre-order they have ordered Nintendo games because they usually It’s a little cheaper, “they said,” but given how rare the game is, I thought paying an extra was better than not getting a copy. “

Nintendo has been criticized for causing artificial scarcity after announcing that the 3D Super Mario game will be available both physical and digital for a limited time until March 2021. The exclusive Switch contains Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy (sorry, Not Mario Galaxy 2). The games have not been completely reworked but are simply optimized for the new console with higher resolutions, new screen ratios, and additional Joy-Con support.

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