The story of “Susanoo” who left everything to succeed as a singer in the United States: He was a Hollywood florist and had a night out with Drew Barrymore

Gerard Florisophysical

“I worked with Susanna for two years, and being with her was one of the most incredible experiences”, He said Gerard Flores, now from Los Angeles, where he lived for four years and is dedicated to music. The young man from San Martin took his first steps under the guidance of Valeria Lynch and after being on one of the most watched programs on Argentine television between 2006 and 2007, he left everything and went to study English in New York, where the world opened up to him. FifthHe lived in Texas, had drinks with Drew Barrymore, and today is making his way to Hollywood, where he even worked as a florist.

in conversation with TeleshowThe artist told what prompted him to leave Argentina, how is his life in the United States and his musical future, after releasing his new song “Ya No Vuelvas”. In addition, he recalled his experience working with Susanna in 2007 on the platform that he shared with Gino Reni and Marcelo Iribino.

– How were your first steps in the environment?

-She was my first musician Charming Lucia With Valeria Lynch I toured Argentina on Winter Vacations and later launched an electronic tango duo however we played in different places.

Gerard Flores in Susanna's office
Gerard Flores in Susanna’s office
Gerrard was part of the Susanna pulpit
Gerrard was part of the Susanna pulpit

– How did you come up with the opportunity to work with Susanna and how did she like it?

-It was an incredible experience. sOr he was a kid from San Martin and he was able to be in the first program for two years, it was a dream and a school too, Because she was alive and that helps you grow as an artist and as a person. There was no time to rehearse and behind the camera (Marcelo) Irpino on the occasion of the choreography was learning, moving and alert. It was a great school, I have that experience in my heart. Maybe I didn’t see her every day because sometimes she would record pompadours or skits, but when she was in the studio she worked a lot. There was Gino Rainey whom I saw as a boy with Francilla and being there with him was glory. He looked at Susanna when he was a boy and didn’t send a letter to his show or tried to call on the phone.

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One day they made us flip cards and at that moment I fell where I was, on the first program, that I did what I liked, and they paid me and that I was fine with that, there I said ‘Thank you’. And I would see Susanna in the aisles, she was always so loving, incredible, she set up raffles for those of us who work there, she screamed, she jumped, she danced, that’s how you see her on TV.

“Why did the course stop?”

– Being there opened many doors for me, after that I did an electronic Tango album, then influenza A (2009) came and everything stopped a little, so I said I will study. Learning English was a topic, so I came half-touristed to see how I felt.

“What cities have you been in?”

– I left eight years ago, I lived in New York and Texas and I’ve been living in Los Angeles for four years. I started studying English. Getting here was shocking, I went from Buenos Aires to New York, it’s like Buenos Aires in proportions, Austin is smaller but significant in terms of production, where I managed to do many commercials and series, it’s different bubble from Texas, it’s super liberal. There I started communicating with people, I got to know an actress, who played Aunt Sabrina Sabrina, the teenage witch, He helped me a lot and guided me. Then I came here, a world of people, from crossingIt cost me a bit, but it’s a city where you can breathe art. You walk in and always find a street production or an event. For example, I lived two blocks from the theater where the premieres were held, and on Thursdays and Fridays I would watch the famous limousines from my balcony.

Gerard Flores with Cher
Gerard Flores with Cher

“How were the early days in Los Angeles?”

– I had a friend I’ve known for many years who lived in Texas and moved here and had a two-bedroom apartment on Hollywood Boulevard and lost his job and I was looking for a house because I was on Airbnb so I left with him to share expenses. I said “I’m going for a week” and ended up staying for years because it was such a strategic place. I had to adapt to this big city, to understand how people work hereGet an actor because you won’t get good auditions. So in order to get to know people, you have to be consistent and act, be punctual, listen and be patient because you are despondent and this has happened to me in many moments, which I have taken advantage of to produce my own things, I saidWell, they don’t call me, I produce” and so I wrote a web series on Amazon, just live.

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“Can you always work as an actor?”

– The first thing I did was work for a very large marketing agency, I was a HR assistant, and I also worked with a florist and he was very good because we were making arrangements for the houses of the producers and directorsYou have to work as hard as you can, but I always tried to do things that I loved and that were related to what I had. Then you make some shorts, gather your materials…

“Is it how you see it in the movies?”

Yes, with good and evil. Being here is like seeing a famous person in the supermarket. A friend for example was an assistant to Drew Barrymore, we were having a drink with him and suddenly she sat down with us and she stayed with us talking for an hour, it was a week after we got here.

– And now, you just released the song “Ya no vuelvas” that is entirely devoted to music, what is the song?

– It’s a song about Toxic relationships and more than anything positive in letting go and when one realizes they are involved in a stifling relationship, Say “enough” to spouses, friends and family. It’s a push to let go of those toxic relationships.

Gerard Flores, don’t come back

“Has it happened to you from drowning in a toxic relationship?”

– continuously. It happens to us with friends, spouses, family, people that one of them works for us, and they do not allow you to grow and you have to let go of it despite appreciation and affection.

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– How is your year in terms of music?

– We are preparing the next two or three songs, this is the fourth song, I already released “Esta noche” in March, bilingual “Lonely” and “Por eso te amo”, in the story version and in the remix. I hope to travel to Argentina and sing live. I’ve been working on songs for a long time and I’ve been recording videos. Last year we had a press conference and released a song and after a week of quarantine I felt sluggish, but we adapted and used technology.

– How did he live in 2020 in Los Angeles and as an artist affected by the epidemic?

Subsistence has been difficult, in terms of mental health and economics. I love saving and try to plan ahead so it’s something that has helped me. Regarding the head, the good thing was that he was able to compose music, I switched from auditioning and seeing friends to recording and being totally locked up, it was solid. Now the performance and group start all over again! We are better, I was able to shoot a Christmas movie where I participated in it and everything started to move a little more, the restaurants opened, there are more people vaccinated but the modus operandi is still different, now you are in the trailer until the moment of registration before that, done Share everything.

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