The result of the Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce match broadcast live! Latest news: Dubois in hospital; undercard, Usyk title fight reaction

Joyce produced the best performance of his career to stop Dubois in the tenth round of tonight’s much-anticipated match for the entire British heavyweight and cemented his credentials for a world title.

The 35-year-old ended the unbeaten 15 start of his career in his career, winning British and Commonwealth titles, as well as a vacant European belt at the famous Church House in London.

Joyce, who turned professional at just 31 years of age after winning a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, is now setting his sights on a showdown with Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk for the World Heavyweight Championship title.

Meanwhile, Dubois was hospitalized immediately after his first loss due to a horrific eye injury from Joyce’s stinging and steady blow.

  • Danielle Dubois and Joe Joyce won
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Live updates


Lennox Lewis congratulates Joe Joyce

British heavyweight legend Lennox Lewis praised Joyce for his victory while also resting Dubois, tweeting: “Congratulations to @JoJoyceBoxing on a big win. Amateur proportions can make a big difference in the world.

“DynamiteDubois, hold your head up and learn from this. Certainly not the end. #Joyce Dubois”


Dubois suffers from a fractured eye socket and nerve damage

With the British Dubois title and the Crown of Joyce in the Commonwealth and the vacant European belt at stake, the younger Dubois was forced to his knee early on the tenth day and failed to respond to the number of rulers.

Dubois was unable to see his left eye by the end of the fight after being repeatedly targeted, and was sent to Moorfields Eye Hospital after the battle where the extent of the injury was confirmed.


Dubois was ahead of the cards

According to Chris McKenna, journalist for the Daily Star, Daniel Dubois was in the lead before the 10th round paused tonight.

Two judges scored the match 88-83 and 86-85 in his favor, while the other one got Joyce’s 87-84.

This will only increase his frustration.


Update on Danielle Dubois – The 23-year-old has been hospitalized for further evaluation regarding this eye injury.


Joe Joyce set his sights on the WBO World Championship title battle against Oleksandr Ossek …

“I’ve taken some big shots before. Daniel has some strength but I’ve felt strong like that before. Through my experiences I learned to ride it. I felt his strength but I was happy to pick it up, but also didn’t take it.”

“I started looking into the eye and it started to swell. I was trying not to get too close but also not ropes.



Joe Joyce says his first emotion was “happy it’s all over.”

Daniel Dubois admits that he needs to “be smarter” and be extremely generous in defeating, but there will be a lot of criticism on his way for the way that ended up.


Quite a celebration …

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David Hay is not a happy man. “I’d rather have a hit,” he says on BT Sport.

Carl Frampton agrees, saying he “quit” and “would rather be dragged,” adding that he had a point ahead of Dubois at the time of hiatus.


It was rather anti-climatic at the end there. Joyce had another blow on that eye and she swelled completely. Dubois takes a step back before landing on one knee and deciding he does not want another role in it.

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