The Republican senator says she opposes accepting a Supreme Court nomination before Election Day

The Republican from Alaska said: “For weeks, I said that I would not support a possible position on the Supreme Court close to the election. Unfortunately, what was hypothetical at the time is our reality now, but my position has not changed.” Permit.

“I did not support accepting a nomination eight months before the 2016 elections to fill the vacant position that resulted from the death of Judge Scalia. We are now closer to the 2020 elections – less than two months later – and I think the same should apply the standard.”

Murkowski did not discuss whether she would oppose President Donald Trump’s candidate in a lame session if Joe Biden wins the presidency.

She joins another major Republican senator – Susan Collins Maine – In its opposition to accepting Trump’s nominee to replace the late one Judge Ruth Bader GinsburgVacant seat before 3 November.

Although Murkowski had made her position clear on the issue before Ginsburg’s death, her statement on Sunday underscored just how dangerous the position of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would be if other members of his party walk away.

In a letter to Republican senators Friday evening, McConnell urged colleagues not to lock themselves in a position and advised them to be careful about what they tell the media about their views on how the nomination is being handled, according to a person who saw a note.

Republicans in the Senate, who have the majority in the House, need only 51 votes to assert new justice once one is formally nominated. There are currently 53 Republicans in the Senate – meaning that they can only lose three Republicans before Vice President Mike Pence can cast an equivalent vote.

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If two other Republicans in the Senate say they oppose the move to the next Trump nominee, the Democrats will have enough support to push the nomination into the lame duck session.

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