The new “Travis Scott” McDonald’s meal is set to go on sale next week

The Grammy nominee loves McDonald’s Quarter Ponds with cheese so much that the company decided to name their burgers after him – for a limited time. It’ll be called Travis Scott’s Meal.

McDonald’s (MCD) She confirmed her new partnership with Scott and his record label, Cactus Jack, in a tweet and statement Thursday morning announcing the month-long promotion, which begins Tuesday and ends October 4.

“I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to revive the Cactus Jack and McDonald’s collaboration,” Scott said in a written statement. “We bring two creative worlds together.”

Scott’s version of The Quarter Pounder adds bacon and lettuce to the burgers along with Sprite, a side of French fries and barbecue sauce, which McDonald’s said was the favorite meal of rappers who grew up in their Houston home.

The meal costs $ 6 and McDonald’s says “it’s lit!” Using one of Scott’s signature lines.

“Everyone has a favorite McDonald’s meal, regardless of your identity,” Morgan Flatley, McDonald’s chief marketing officer in the United States, said in a written statement. We are excited to bring Travis Scott to the McDonald’s near you starting next week.

Fast food chains like McDonald’s tend to operate Thin razor Profit margins. Limited promotions help them stand out from the competition.
McDonald’s and Scott are also looking for charities to support them during the month-long promotion. The company shared the news on Twitter Thursday morning before Twitter a cactus and burger emoji, which later Scott retweet With a picture of McDonald’s Fries.

The rapper tweeted “Cactus Jack for McDonalds”.

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