The new interface makes the users happy

With the new update, Netflix is ​​changing its interface and making some functions more accessible to its users

Netflix is ​​refreshing the interface and introducing an interesting feature (Getty Images)

Several updates continue to arrive regarding Netflix. In addition to many Movies and TV series cIt is added from time to time on the platform catalog, and the developers also focus on the functioning of the app and the site, so as to provide an experience More, more complete and reliable.

There are actually many additional features added during 2021, but the news certainly didn’t end there. As he announced on several occasions, in fact, Netflix He has in the store a The change in the interface This makes some procedures faster and easier. Specifically, it changes the traditional way of choosing The language of the audio and subtitles for a movie or TV series. Here are all the details on this topic.

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Netflix, change interface: all the details

It will be possible to choose the language of the audio and subtitles in a few seconds (Getty Images)

With a new update, Netflix Change its own again user interface It listens to user requests. It is actually a subscriber habit Decide in what language Watching a movie or TV series with subtitles. Soon update It will make the change much easier Language and translation live while watching.

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It won’t be necessary anymore Go to a specific submenu To do all this. crush No button on the remoteIn fact, the ability to change the language will appear at the bottom. The choice is dictated by the numerous requests of the users, who frequently request an update of this type for the streaming platform. The news should come to everyone In the coming weeks.

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