The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G makes its debut on the streets of Switzerland

Eurobus was the first carrier to use eCitaro G for normal service operations.

The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G articulated city bus celebrated its world premiere in Zurich, Switzerland, joining the fleet operated by Eurobus Welti-Furrer AG at the city’s public university (ETH Zurich).

Daimler Buses highlighted Eurobus as the first transportation company to use the all-electric motor articulated bus in scheduled service operations.

And there are three added Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G – called ETH link – those operated on this regular service route connecting Zentrum and Hönggerberg, which previously used diesel units.

Articulated buses 18.13 meters Long and equipped with fully electric motors and a current collector for medium charging.

He said, “In addition to being environmentally friendly, the new electric buses are particularly distinguished by smooth and comfortable operation, low entry floor, and attractive interior and exterior design.” Patrick Nussbaumer, Director of Eurobus.

And the electricity is revealed to run this Setaro G. Produced only using Swiss hydroelectricity, it is environmentally friendly, conserves fossil resources and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions.2.

The Setaro G. It is recharged at the Hönggerberg bus terminal at a 300 kW charging station. The battery capacity of these units is 243 kWh.

Each of these articulated buses provides space for a total 131 passengers; 38 seats and a room for 93 people standing with 2 wheelchair spaces. One of the four doors has a ramp for a wheelchair so that passengers with reduced mobility can enter the vehicle unimpeded.

Passengers can have fun, too Public Wi-Fi, USB ports for your personal peripherals, and an efficient climate control system on hot summer days.

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The ETH link Exclusively for students and employees of ETH Zurich And your guests.

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