The Medical Association encourages more vaccination displays in public places

/ dpa, Jan and Weetas

Westphalia-Libya Medical Association (Mnster)KWL) calls for more COVID-19 vaccination offerings so that access to vaccination becomes easier and less threshold. KWL President Hans-Albert Gehle encourages the establishment of local vaccination centers in hospitals.

Vaccination streets there can be set up quickly and flexibly, he says. In addition, mobile vaccination teams should be deployed in front of supermarkets, in markets, in front of sports facilities and football fields or in public facilities such as gyms. However, a lot of vaccinations can be given to people on the weekend.

Gehly emphasized that there is a high willingness among clinicians to participate in low-threshold vaccination campaigns. The head of the chamber confirmed that clinics, company doctors and retired doctors are ready. Vaccinations and boosters must now be implemented quickly, flexibly, and unbureaucraticly. He demanded that everyone who could be vaccinated should also be able to be vaccinated.

The Chamber President praised the efforts of the vaccination practice teams. To achieve the necessary speed with an increase in the quota of vaccinations and booster vaccinations, all bureaucratic impediments must be set aside, the chamber president demands.

For example, in the case of booster vaccinations, it should be sufficient to provide verbal information or not inform the person to be vaccinated, according to Gehley. © hill /

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