The “Inside America” ​​podcast: Why the Diaz family pin all their hopes on Joe Biden

‘Inside America’
Why the Diaz family has all their hopes for Joe Biden – and why the President of the United States can make the difference between life and death

New US President Joe Biden signed a series of executive orders on his first day in office

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Joe Biden’s first decisions could save lives. The Diaz family from New Jersey lives this firsthand. strictUS correspondent Jan Christoph Weichman visits Honduran refugees and reports on them in this episode of In America.

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Soon the new American president, Joe Biden, began working in the White House: Coronavirus, climate policy, immigration. With a whole series of decrees, the 46th president annulled a number of decisions made by his predecessor Donald Trump – some of them with very specific impacts on the people of the country.

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This is what America looks like. I told it shortly before the US election strictCorrespondent Jan-Christoph Weichmann From the heart of the country. We are allowed to participate in a reporter’s life five days a week. How are people, what do they have to say? What do you think about Trump and what about Biden? Where is the choice?

How exactly, he said strict– US correspondent Jan Christoph Weichmann on the new episode of “Inside America”. He talks to the Diaz family from New Jersey, who fled their Honduran homeland to the United States several years ago.

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For them, handover to Joe Biden is a reason to breathe a sigh of relief – as is the case for 11 million illegal immigrants. Family man Miguel Diaz describes in his podcast why Joe Biden has all hopes for himself and his family – and why White House politics can often make the difference between life and death.


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