The Iberian candidacy will have two competitors for Switzerland and the Scandinavian proposal

President of the Spanish Handball Federation Francisco In. Blasquez. EFE / Javier Lopez / Archive

Madrid, May 11th (EFE). The joint candidacy of Spain and Portugal to organize the European Handball Championship in 2028 will be competitors to Switzerland and the proposal submitted by Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as announced on Tuesday by the European Union (EHF). ).
Under the slogan “We play under the same anthem”, the federation of Spain and Portugal aspire to organize the tournament with a show that is “ambitious but sustainable”.
“A joint project based on what unites us: the passion for our sport, the lifestyle, deeply rooted in the handball family and the intention to leave a great legacy for future generations,” said the President of Spain. Union, Francisco Blasquez.
The Iberian candidacy will have five locations, four of which are in Spain and one in Portugal.
Madrid, Malaga, Valencia and Oriens will host the four first-round groups to be played in Spain, while Lisbon will host two first-round groups to be held in Portugal.
Madrid and Lisbon will be the headquarters for the second stage groups, while the Spanish capital will host the semi-finals and the grand final.
“Together we are stronger,” said Miguel Laranagero, president of the Portuguese Federation, “together we are stronger. This nomination aims to show all European handball that the two countries, in addition to being friends and neighbors, have all the conditions for hosting the European Championship in 2028.” .
Switzerland, which already hosted the 1996 European Championships, and Portugal, which hosted the inaugural edition of the tournament two years earlier in 1994, will be Switzerland and the joint exhibition of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
Unlike Switzerland, which is also competing to organize the 2026 European Championships, and the Nordic proposal, which aims for both men’s and women’s tournaments in 2026 and 2028, the Iberian bid is only competing for the 2028 European Championship.
A circumstance from the Iberian candidacy, confident that it could benefit the proposal of Spain and Portugal.
This will be the second time in recent years that Spain has aspired to organize the maximum continental tournament for men’s teams.
A goal he was unable to achieve in June 2018 when he saw, as part of a joint bid with France and Belgium, how UEFA awarded the 2022 European Championship celebration for Hungary and Slovakia.
As a result, those responsible for the Iberian candidacy hope not to be repeated in November, when the European Union announces the European stadiums for 2026 and 2028.
. The Candidates for the 2026 European Championship: Denmark, Norway and Sweden; Swiss
. The Candidates for the 2026 European Women’s Championship: Russia; Norway, Denmark and Sweden
. The Candidates for 2028 European Men’s Championship: Switzerland; Spain and Portugal; Denmark, Sweden and Norway
. The Candidates for the 2028 European Women’s Championship: Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

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