The German Olympic Sports Federation collaborates with Salesforce in 3 Olympic Games

Salesforce, an American software company, has been appointed as the official partner of the German Olympic team. The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) said this would benefit the public.

The San Francisco-based CRM service provider will continue to digitize Team Germany (Team D) with DOSB and Deutsche Sport Marketing.

This includes communication and communication with millions of people around the world as well as attractive visualization of information and data so that fans can get to know German athletes and their sport better.

The partnership includes three Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024.

“The Olympic idea connects and inspires people around the world,” says Joachim Schreiner, Executive Vice President of Sales and Head of State for Germany and Austria at Salesforce.

“We are very happy to support German athletes in direct communication with their fans and to inspire and positively surprise the large German sports community in a completely new way.”

The partnership aims to enable fans to better connect with the athletes in Team D © Getty Images

Salesforce will also support skills development for Team D players during and after their sports career through the online learning platform Trailhead.

Veronica Rucker, CEO of DOSB, believes the partnership will be beneficial to all.

“The digitization process is also very important to Team D and with Salesforce athletes receive invaluable support,” said Rucker.

“This will also benefit fans as they can learn more about the diversity of Team D’s players.

“This results in the closeness we desire for our team Dr.”

Salesforce is also a Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic partner and worked with the Olympic Committee, the United States Paralympic Games and the British Olympic Association in June and July, respectively.

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