The Finnish Sports Museum reopens with Genelec Smart IP

Genelec Smart IP at Finland Sports Museum

Through different audio-visual experiences, the visitor who goes to Finland Sports MuseumFor the history of sports in this country. The sound system depends on the solution GENLIKE Intelligent IP.

the Finnish Sports Museum, which is present in Helsinki Olympic StadiumIt reopened to the public with a permanent exhibition on display after a major renovation that kept it closed for five years. The new gallery celebrates Finnish sport using the best that modern technology has to offer, including advanced audio solutions. Genelec Smart IP, a brand distributed in Spain Audio Technica Iberia.

All audio, video and control infrastructure is provided by your studio, a company specializing in AV integration, while the audiovisual and audio design was created by granlund Building services engineering experts.

Genelec Smart IP at Finland Sports Museum

Aki Beverin NS Timo Moreninof Granlund was responsible for the design of AV. “Our goal was to put the visitor at the center of the action, and make them feel like they really are. It’s hard to think of a sport where audio isn’t such an important part of the experience. The sounds of different sports are accompanied by episodic musical layers composed specifically for the show and UX (user experience) sounds. The audio is built with Object-based sound design tools; immersive sound is key to achieving the fullest possible experience.”

Päivärinne used the Genelec Smart IP range of loudspeakers for almost all sound designs, as they met all quality criteria, in particular ease of installation.

“The ability to use the museum’s existing CAT cabling infrastructure to transmit audio and power signals has simplified system design and installation, as you don’t have to worry about any analog cabling. Everything is on the existing network.

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Pauli Lamsijärvi D Studiotech, the project manager, shares this view. IP smart speakers are the most important component of an audio solution, and without a doubt, they have made installation much easier for us. They work on the Dante network, which carries the audio signal and the control signal. Even with PoE, it powers the speakers, which is kind of a revolution in the audio world.”

Genelec Smart IP at Finland Sports Museum

Salute to the sports champions

One of the biggest is the gallery dedicated to Finnish sports champions of all ages.
Visitors enjoy a massive video projection, created by Finnish visual artist Janne Ahola, along with an immersive 10-channel audio design using a total of 22 units. Genelec Smart IP 4430A.

The sounds are placed in space according to what is happening on the screen. The result is a fully immersive experience that allows the visitor to perceive the event with maximum realism.

Another fair dedicated to winter sports. “Winter sports are very important to us Finns, which is why we wanted the experience in this field to be as real as possible,” says Payvarin. Once again, we have a multi-channel audio system that uses eight Smart IP 4430 speakers placed in a stretchy diamond configuration, along with a short film projected on a 98-inch LED screen.

Genelec Smart IP at Finland Sports Museum

‘Visitors will find themselves among kids playing on the ice, skating on a frozen lake or even swimming in the lake. Another part of the winter sports section takes us to the slopes with skiers and snowboarders. There is even a real 1965 double lift with a huge screen behind it to enhance the impression that you’re on the slopes. Four 4430″ units are used here.

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The Smart IP solution is also used in the exhibition dedicated to water sports, which has been brought to life thanks to the use of a four-channel immersive sound system, consisting of four 4430 units. Visitors enjoy the thrill of diving under the waves, sailing above them, finally being placed in a canoe to avoid the cliffs.

Genelec Smart IP at Finland Sports Museum

When stereo sound was required rather than surround sound, Päivärinne chose the speakers Genelik 8010 NS 8030, 10 and 2 of them are installed, respectively, in which multimedia players are located near the speakers. Larger installations, with multi-channel surround sound designs, use Genelec Smart IP amplifiers that receive the signal from specialized servers capable of transmitting Dante signals.

All audio and video equipment in the museum is managed from a single touch screen connected to the control system. All projectors and dozens of screens can be turned on and off at the touch of a button. It also allows controlling all the speakers and the content they receive. This system also manages signal delay, to keep images and sound in sync.

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