The displacement is getting into trouble with Atlanta voters

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Project Lincoln, which collaborates with a Migus member to provide free meals to people waiting in line at the polls, claims the rapper was “threatened” by Gwinnett County officials for distributing the meals.

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Compensation He tried to mobilize the spirits of the people who turned out to vote in his hometown of Georgia on Tuesday 3 November by distributing free meals. However, his initiative appears not to be much appreciated by the local government.

The rapper stopped at 3 polling sites in Gwinnett and Fulton Counties on Election Day with food trucks from The Slutty Vegan and Big Dave’s. He did not come empty-handed, he fed those who were waiting in line to cast their votes.

In the videos circulating online, offset is seen inside a Slutty Vegan food truck to help prepare meals. He put a bib over his jacket, with a white mask covering his face and a blue hat to keep his hair in place. The 28-year-old also got on the back of a truck, grabbed a horn and talked about his enthusiasm for voting for the first time ever.

Project Lincoln, which teamed up with Offset for the initiative, tweeted earlier that day urging people to vote with the opportunity to meet the Georgia-born star. “Want to meet OffsetYRN?” Read a tweet. “Well, it’s at Ficketts Elementary today at 2:30 PM and the William Walker Rec Center at 3:30 PM – they’re both in Atlanta, GA. Take some selfies. So vote. Oh, and get some sluttyVeganATL for free.”

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However, things clearly did not go well. In a subsequent tweet, Project Lincoln claimed Offset was reprimanded by Gwinnett County officials for distributing free meals. “We have been working in Georgia with OffsetYRN, to feed Gwinnett voters in those long, unnecessary lines, but instead of welcoming him, he was threatened by gwinnettgov. This is what voter intimidation and discrimination looks like,” she stated.

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Offset distributed a free meal to a fan at the Bowling site.

Ofst himself did not refer to the report that he had been in trouble with city officials during the project. Instead, the “Ric Flair Drip” spit chose to share videos on his Instagram Stories to inform his fans that he had cast his vote and show off the “I voted” poster as he headed to the poll to hand out free meals. Another video captured him interacting with a fan who was lucky enough to meet him on the poll.

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