The Big Red Dog in the Room: The Big Red Dog Clifford in the Trailer

in a Basic One not only targets the instincts of animals, but also thinks that they are especially large and colorful: with Clifford the Big Red Dog At the end of the year, the comedies that have been postponed several times will be shown in cinemas, which seems to be especially recommended for families and fans of magical events in the gloomy everyday life.

subordinate fresh Trailer released The upcoming comedy doesn’t just promise that Clifford the Big Red Dog Spread a lot of lovable chaos, but also shows that a file An adventure story with a heart in the right place Installation he is:

Alice Emily Elizabeth (Big-Little-Lies-Star Darby Camp) meets an animal rescuer with magical powers, and gives her a little red puppy. But what the middle school student in New York couldn’t anticipate was the dog thus It takes a huge shape.

The wonderful incident occurs when Emily’s only mother goes on a business trip. Because of the happy circumstances, the girl can’t be bothered with her funny uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) and their new animal companion by the name of Clifford makes the Big Apple unsafe.

The second trailer for ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’

Clifford the Big Red Dog Based on the children’s book series of the same name by author Norman Bridwell. Walt Baker is responsible for directing. The trio of authors Jay Sherrick, David Rohn, and Blaise Hemingway contributed to the text.

While Clifford the Big Red Dog Double track in the USA from November 10 Paramount + And it is released in cinemas, German fans have to wait 3 weeks longer: From December 2 Movie is playing Also in our cinemas.

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