The application can be uninstalled from some phones

Doing excercise, WhatsApp users cannot miss this date That the company set it as a deadline for accepting the new terms of use and privacy. Other than that, They will practically be left with a clogged platform.

although The app sent messages and notifications About their new policies, there are thousands of Users who do not accept and are not even aware of what could happen if they do not accept. The main change is related to this, if you refuse to accept the new terms, WhatsApp will ask you to uninstall the application.

Likewise, all chats will be blocked until the user accepts the terms.

WhatsApp clarified that the accounts will not be deleted, but those who do not accept will be limited to the functionality of the platform. For example, you will not be able to send or receive messages; You can only see texts through the notifications that come It appears at the top of the phone.

WhatsApp: May 15 is the deadline for accepting new policies

In addition to the mentioned restrictions, users will not be able to make calls or video calls on WhatsApp either. What or what He recently announced a change to his famous voice memoirs. Even the ability to view messages through notifications will be for a short period.

This new deadline was set for May 15th after the issues WhatsApp encountered At the beginning of the year the privacy policies to be installed. The app says changes are comingThey have to deal with more information about data management, deal with fake news and ensure the service is of higher quality for users.

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