The 86-year-old British woman who lost her husband to COVID-19 is among the first to get the vaccine Globalism

Jill Rogers said she had “no doubts” about the safety of the vaccine. Reuters photo

LONDON, Dec 8 – An 86-year-old British woman who lost her husband to Covid-19 in April was among the first companies in the world to introduce the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine against the virus today and look forward to the way forward. Shopping and bus ride again.

Jill Rogers last saw her husband in mid-March in the foster home where he was living. Then the epidemic spread, she was no longer able to visit him, and in late April he passed away.

Rogers said in a radio interview with the BBC, shortly before the scheduled date to receive the vaccine: “The death certificate showed several things, but it also showed Covid-19.”

She was sad alone, as her children and other relatives avoided contact with her for fear of exposing her to the virus.

“That was very difficult,” she said in a broken voice.

Rogers, who lives near Brighton in southern England, said she spent most of the year alone, avoiding stores as much as possible and avoiding public transport altogether.

She said when she got a call over the weekend offering her an early date to get the vaccine today, on the first day of its national launch in Britain, she said yes right away.

“I will not be very careful, I will not be very anxious, I will go to stores more, and fortunately I may take public transport,” she said.

When asked if she had any doubts about the safety of the vaccine, she replied, “No, absolutely nothing.”

She said she knew there were people with concerns, and she called the BBC because she thought talking about her special situation might help them overcome those doubts.

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“That’s why I called you, because I thought there might be people who might help get it, and who might not have had it.” Reuters

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