Tesla has been accused of violating environmental regulations in the United States and Germany

Tesla is defending itself in the United States and Germany against allegations of violating environmental laws and regulations, according to A. The new financial deposit.

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency accused Tesla last week of failing to demonstrate compliance with federal emissions standards for hazardous air pollutants. In particular, the Environmental Protection Agency is looking for details on how Tesla handles “surface paint” for its cars.

As CNBC previously reported, the “paint shop” at Tesla’s largest auto plant in the United States in Fremont, California, has a history of problems such as fires, improper cleaning and maintenance. Former CNBC employees said some vehicle retouching to repair car paint was performed at a “paint hospital” in a tent at the Fremont factory.

Fremont building permits were revealed in 2020, Tesla has made massive improvements to its paint store.

Tesla said in a file on Wednesday that the company “has responded to all requests for information from the Environmental Protection Agency and has denied the allegations.” The company does not expect any “material negative effects” on its business as a result of related dealings with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Tesla continues to engage local air quality authorities in California – the Gulf Air Quality Management District – on previously published Notices of Violation related to “Air Approval and Fremont Plant Compliance”.

In Germany, the dossier said on Wednesday that authorities imposed a fine of 12 million euros on Tesla, or about $ 14.5 million, for its alleged failure to post public notices and duly fulfill its obligations to take back old batteries from customers.

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According to German law, car manufacturers selling electric cars are required to restore and dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly way.

Tesla wrote in the recording, “This is mainly related to administrative requirements, but Tesla has continued to recover the batteries.” Tesla has appealed in Germany, saying the matter should not have a material impact on Tesla’s business.

A positive government relationship is crucial to Tesla in Germany, as the company is currently building its first European plant in Grünheide, Brandenburg, just outside Berlin.

to me Public statement on TuesdayTesla has informed local authorities that it is seeking approval to build and operate a battery cell production facility at this new facility, which is currently under construction. Tesla previously obtained permission to build a vehicle assembly plant there, but not with a battery cell production facility.

In a profit call on Monday, executives said that Tesla expects to start limited initial production at its Berlin facility this year, with production volumes starting there in 2022. They did not explain how the approval review would affect when production begins.

Tesla shares fell slightly on Wednesday after depositing in the early morning.

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