Taylor Swift reveals how Aaron Desner played a huge role in an early release of ‘Folklore’


When talking to Paul McCartney about her collaboration with the co-founder of The National, the “Cardigan” singer got the idea started with their conversation during a chance encounter in 2019.

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Taylor Swift She had to write and record her new album “Folklore” after a conversation with her the National‘s Aaron Decner.

The star, who unexpectedly divorced her eighth husband in July Paul McCartney In an interview with Rolling Stone that her collaboration with Dessner came after a chance encounter in 2019.

“I met him at a concert a year ago, talked to him, and asked him how to write. It’s better if I ask people who I like. And he had an interesting answer,” he explains.

He said, “All of the band members live in different parts of the world. So I make compositions. And send it to our lead vocalist, Matt (Berninger), and he’s writing the top line. I just remember thinking, “This is really effective,” “remembers ME! Singer.” And I kind of stored it in my mind as a future idea for a project. ”

When the pandemic hit, Taylor sent an email to Aaron Dessner and asked, “Do you think you’ll want to work during this time? Because my brain is completely shoving, and I need to make something up, even if we’re preparing some kind of song that we don’t know what will happen .. .

And it turned out that he was writing compositions to avoid absolute insanity during the epidemic as well, so he sent me this file that might be 30 instruments, and the first song I opened ended up being a song called Cardigan, Arrow, referring to the first single from Folklore. “.

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“It really happened fast like that. He was sending me a piece of music; he was making new tracks, adding it to the volume; I’m going to write the entire top line of a song, and he wouldn’t know what the song was going to be about, what was going to be called, where I was going to put the chorus,” she recalls . “I originally thought, ‘Maybe I’m going to make an album next year, and release it in January or something, but it’s over and we released it in July.'”

She says the experience completely changed her view of songwriting, because “there are no longer rules.” Taylor smiles, “If you remove all the criteria, what do you do?” I think the answer is ‘folklore.’

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