Sydney, an Australian city, ends the changing Covid-19 lockdown

Residents of Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, braved gray skies and rain to take to the streets on Monday after nearly four months of lockdown due to the outbreak of the delta type of Covid-19.

Sydney has a population of more than five million people It has been 106 days of lockdown to contain coronavirus infection.

Lifting the restrictions is made possible by a decrease in infections and an increase in vaccination, which reaches more than 70 percent of the population over the age of 16.

Cafes and restaurants opened their doors to vaccinators, while shaggy people lined up in front of hairdressers to cut their hair.

“There’s a great atmosphere this morning,” Hannah Simmons, owner of Gordon’s Café in the Clovelly Beach area, commented, who was able to keep his business going through food delivery sales.

Outside the cafe, construction worker Nick James commented, “It would be better if it was a little more sunny, but what can we do?”

For many, the end of the lockdown was an opportunity to go to the stores. In the middle of the night, hundreds of people flocked to a Kmart discount store, and pictures on social media showed long lines inside.

Since June, shops, schools, classrooms and offices have been closed to non-essential workersWith unprecedented restrictions on individual liberties.

Restrictions have been applied to everything from traveling more than five kilometers from home, visiting relatives, exercising, going to supermarkets and attending funerals.

Few countries have taken such severe or extreme measures against the coronavirus as Australia.Tim Sotfomasan, an academic and former commissioner of racial discrimination in the country said.

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There will be crowd restrictions, while international borders and schools will remain completely unopened for a few weeks.

Australia has managed to contain the coronavirus infection with border closures and closures and a strict testing policy.

But the delta formula shattered the “zero virus” dream, especially in the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne.


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